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All panels are OPEN to the UNT community (no registration required) unless otherwise indicated with an ** Coffee, snacks, lunch, and receptions are reserved for registered attendees only (name badge required).

8:30 - Registration opens - Union 3rd Floor

  • Coffee & tea available all morning in 333

9:00-9:15 - Opening Remarks

Jade Ballroom 333


9:30 - 10:45 - Breakout Session #1

  • Documenting "Illegality" through Unsanctioned Forms of Witnessing: A DACA Dialogue - Senate Chambers 332

    • Mariela Nuñez-Janes (University of North Texas​)

    • Kristian Hernandez (DSA North Texas)

    • Sandra Avalos (North Texas Dream Team)

    • Soraya Ronco (Southern Methodist University and North Texas Dream Team) 

    • Moderator: Juan Llamas Rodriguez (University of Texas at Dallas)

  • Podcasting, Citizenship, & Activism [Podcasts & Papers] - Union 338

    • Citizen Science

      • Karla McCain (Austin College) and Brian Seay (Sherman ISD; Austin College)

    • True Crime Podcasts: Activism and Entertainment

      • George Larke-Walsh (University of North Texas)


11:00 - 12:15 - Breakout Session #2

  • Representation, Empathy, & Understanding [Paper Presentations] - Union 338

    • Opportunities of Imagination: Using New Media to Promote Intergroup Understanding

      • Samantha Dols​ (American University)

    • Matters of Representation

      • James Martin (University of North Texas)​

  • A Fight for Immigration Justice [Short Films] - Senate Chambers 332

    • Home for Dreamers 

      • Sammi Whitwell (Ball State University​)

      • Pita Bass (Subject of the Film)

    • A Lost Voice 

      • Jess Reinelt (University of North Texas)


**12:30 - 1:45 - Lunch & Keynote Address** - Jade Ballroom 333



2:00 - 3:15  - Breakout Session #3

  • Invisible Powers: Algorithms, Data, and Infrastructures [Paper Presentations] - Union 338

    • Learning to Forget: The Behaviorist Conception of History Driving Digital Media Platforms​

      • Mark Garrison​ (D'Youville College, Buffalo)

    • RFID and Mediating Change through Infrastructural Inversions

      • Jordan Frith (University of North Texas)​​

    • The Other Undersea Network: ICT Mediation of Oceanic Change

      • Lisa Han​ (University of California, Santa Barbara)

  • Gendered and Racialized Violence [Paper Presentations] - Union 339

    • Mobilizing Mobiles: Cellphones Excel as Tools of Advocacy against Gender Inequities in Western India

      • Koeli Goel​ (Hindu Temple and Cultural Society of Central Illinois)

    • Silencing Violence 2.0: Examining Online Activism by Marginalized Groups Working to End Violence Against Women in Canada

      • Nasreen Rajani​ (Carleton University, Ontario)

    • Violence on Social Media: A Study of Desensitization Theory

      • Kay Colley (Texas Wesleyan University), Kaylee Conrad (Texas Wesleyan University), & Letah Lundberg​​ (Texas Wesleyan University)

  • De-stigmatizing Mental Health through Media Inclusion & Visibility [Panel Discussion with Mayhill Mental Hospital] - Senate Chambers 332

    • Nichol Attar, Nance Headley, ​Denton County MHMR Administorator, NAMI Denton/Dallas

    • Brittney Nolan - Mediator


**3:00-4:45 Coffee, Tea, & Afternoon Snack available in 339**

3:30 - 4:45 - Breakout Session #4

  • Regulating Platforms, Regulating Subjects [Paper Presentations] - Union 338

    • Critical Moments of Debate: Net Neutrality and Content Regulation in Digital Spaces​

      • Jennifer Porst (University of North Texas​)

    • Consumer Review Shaming as Digital Activism: Ethical and Normative Implications

      • Ben Medeiros​ (Newman University)

    • Subjugation of the Data Subject?: Regulating Humanitarian Multimedia

      • Olivia Williams​ (American University)

  • Voices of the Resistance: Refugee Self-Advocacy in Times of Rising Neo-Nationalism and Neoliberalism [Panel Discussion with Former Refugees & Refugee Service Providers] - Senate Chambers 332

    • Ghazwan Abdullah (Former Refugee & a refugee case manager at Mosaic Family Services)

    • Dhefar Alheleji (Former Refugee & a refugee case manager at Mosaic Family Services)

    • Hadidja Nyiransekuye (University of North Texas) 

  • Intersectionality and Activism on Social Media [Paper Presentations] - Union 339

    • Police Brutality and Black Women: A Conspicuous Absence

      • Courtney Lanham​ (Texas Women's University)

    • From #YesAllWomen to #MeToo: Identifying Media Preferences in Online Feminist Movements

      • Lauren Wilks​ (University of Texas at Austin)


4:45-6:00 - BREAK

**6:00 - 9:00 - Feature Screening, Discussion Panel, & Reception** - RTFP 184

  • Screening of the feature-length documentary, Call Her Ganda followed by a discussion with PJ Raval and Curran Nault.

    • A reception in the lobby of RTFP will immediately follow the discussion

    • Limited seats available for non-registered attendees on a first come-first served basis 


9:00 - Registration Opens - Union 3rd Floor

*Coffee & Tea available all morning in 333 all morning 

9:30 - 10:45 - Breakout Session #5

  • Speaking Out in Times of War and Conflict [Creative Exhibit & Paper Presentations] - Jade Ballroom 333

    • What Happened on May 14th?​: Rhetorical Analysis of Hasbara Propaganda in Israel

      • Yulia Gilichinskaya​ (University of California, Santa Cruz)

    • Lebanese Cultural Production as Reflexive Mediatization against Ongoing War

      • Kristin Shamas​ (University of Oklahoma)

    • Resourceful Revolutionaries: Finding a Voice through Low-Tech Film in Cuba

      • Audrey Flemming​ (Austin College)

  • Challenging Representations of Marginalized Bodies [Short Film] - Senate Chambers 332

    • Black Bodies

      • Charlotte Moore​ (Storyteller and Founder of Moore Media)


11:00 - 12:15 - Breakout Session #6: Workshops

All these sessions are designed as interactive workshops

  • Feminist Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon - Senate Chambers 332

    • Kim De Wolff (University of North Texas, Philosophy) and Stephen Mandiberg (University of North Texas, Media Arts)​​

      • As a part of the larger Art+Feminism Wikipedia campaign, this workshop will teach basic Wikipedia editing practices and in doing so, increase the diversity of both editors and content. We will cover the basics of Wikipedia’s diversity problem, best practices for new editors, and facilitate hands-on editing for new and experienced editors alike.​

  • Starting Young: Mediating Change among Youth - Union 339

    • Kristin Drogos (University of Texas at Dallas, ATEC) and Ann Wu (University of Texas at Dallas, ATEC)​

      • This workshop will address the ways in which screen media can be used to foster change among youth. Topics discussed will include fostering empathy, the power of media representation (particularly for marginalized groups), and critical media literacy.​

  • Teaching Students To Make Social Change in a Networked Era - Union 338

    • Daniel G. Krutka (University of North Texas, Education)​ and Marie K. Heath (Loyola University, Marlyand)​​

      • Participants will investigate social change by examining  various texts from the African-American Civil Rights Movement (e.g. photos, letters, legislation). We will then consider texts from contemporary social media movements. The workshop focuses on helping students identify continuity and change between historic movements and the networked protests of our social media era. ​

**12:30 - 2:00 - Lunch & Plenary Panel Discussion** - Jade Ballroom 333

  • Ethics of Community Media Making & Activist Research 

    • Carla Carter-Bishop - Community Mediamaker and Lecturer in Media Arts at UNT

    • Maori Karmael Holmes - Curator, Filmmaker, and Cultural Worker

    • Olivia Williams - Documentarian, Photographer, and Graduate Student at American University

    • Suzanne Enck - Activist, Researcher, and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at UNT


2:15 - 3:30 - Breakout Session #7

  • Media and Mobilization [Paper Presentations] - Union 338 

    • South African Women and Media Activism: The Influence of the Goldman Environmental Prize

      • Angela Nwammuo (North West University, South Africa) & Abiodun Salawu​ (North West University, South Africa)

    • The Spirit of Youth and the Digital Streets: Using the Work of Jane Addams to Address Contemporary Youth Culture

      • Emily O'Connell​ (American University) 

  • Advocating for Better Foster Care: Myths & Realities [Panel Discussion with Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home] - Senate Chambers 332

    • Cynthia Berrones-Mood (General Residential Operations Administrator​)

    • Kendall Palmer (Single Parent Family Program Coordinator)

    • Robert Mood (Treatment Director)

**3:00-5:00 - Coffee, Tea, & Afternoon Snack available in 333**

3:45 - 5:00 - Breakout Session #8

  • Fabricating Media, Mediating Fabric [Paper Presentations] - Jade Ballroom 333

    • The Lives of the Dead: Building Community and Empowering Advocates with the AIDS Quilt

      • Agatha Beins (Texas Women's University)​

    • African American Women Artists and the Narrative Power of Fiber-Based Art and Design

      • Lauren Cross​ (University of North Texas)

    • Making as Agency and Oppression in Contemporary Fiber Work

      • Gabe Duggan​ (University of North Texas)

  • Beyond Statistics: Adoption, Foster Care, and Storytelling [Short Films and Music Presentation] - Senate Chambers 332

    • I Am, But I'm Not: Transracial Identity and Adoption​

      • Shalisa Thornburg (Subject & Co-Director)

      • Barry Thornburg (Co-Director)

      • Eboni Johnson (University of North Texas)​

    • Digital Stories From and About Teens in Foster Care

      • Ryan Cornist​ (Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home)

      • Robert Mood (Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home)

      • Teen Residents of Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home

      • Jacqueline Ryan Vickery (University of North Texas)

  • Intersectional Identities, Contentious Spaces, and Discursive Communities [Paper Presentations] - Union 338

    • Come Together: The Desire and Cultivation of Community among Journalists in Turkey

      • Caitlin Miles (Texas A&M University)​

    • From Black-ish to Black Lightening: Discussing Identity, Social Justice, and Racism through Black Representations in Today's Primetime Media

      • Asha Winfield​ (Texas A&M University)

    • Neutral Spaces, Contentious Spaces: Understanding How Hate Crime Narratives Impact Neutral Organizations

      • Rebecca Costantini (Texas A&M University)

**5:30-7:30 - Closing Reception and Exhibition** at UNT on the Square

**Meet outside of 333 at 5:00 to arrange carpool rides to the closing reception**


  • Interactive Community Documentary Freedman Town 2.0

    • Carla Carter-Bishop​ (University of North Texas)

  • ​Documentary Photos from Crisis Zones
    • Olivia Williams (American University) 


Both exhibits will be on display for you to view at your own pace throughout the evening

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